Tuesday, August 18, 2020

As the leaves consider changing colours soon

 In waiting for a new apartment I wrote a few pensive poems noticing the tree leaves growing darker in preparation for the autumn display. I found a new apartment and job so things are going quite well indeed.

black rusting coal train

old grain seed farmer sows out

between tracks grass grows

sweater warm thick socks

green leaves shiver convoy of clouds

evening beef broth tea on

"Hot day yesterday"

sun droops between clouds

lime to em'rald trees

rain on dark green trees

lines on faded jeans

mid-July hints at fall colours

It seems I'm quite fascinated by the idea of a stopped lead heavy steam engine and its contrast with the slow growing gentleness of nature; an idea I will explore further with regards to Steampunk style.

I plan on incorporating food into my haiku more as well.

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