Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Moonless Night Haiku

These days I'm in Gwangali and getting ready for the rainy season. I'm also researching the Korean Matcha Tea Ceremony that existed long, long before the Chosun Dynasty. More on that later. Suffice :

Here's a few old Haiku I had written some time ago...
moonless night cool sea breeze
in a jet black raku bowl
minds silent questions rest.
rain drums tearoom roof
frothy green tea wide white bowl
sip frothy rumble.

The last line "minds silent questions rest" I got from another poem. I really liked the resonance of it. So I put it into a Japanese tea ceremony haiku...I wish I could recall the poet. If you've encountered it, the earlier poem that inspired me, do post a comment ! I'd love to give it and its poet proper credit !

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