Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tea haiku

Last week I wrote several haiku on tea. Enjoy!

Busan 山 (Kettle Mountain)
mist morning calm
got tea?

A surprising number of Busanites are unaware of the meaning of Busan/ Kettle Mountain.

most Asia
iced green tea
Hello Kitty tray

However there are tonnes of exceptions beyond the tea that is taken most casually at home by most people here in Asia. Some other extremely common occurrences of tea in Asia:

birdcage on wall
grey chipped cups
Pu'er in YiXing

janggi board
smack of the piece
dashi kongmool.

(janggi: Korean chess dashi kongmool is a broth made with tiny fish. The fish are removed leaving a fishy taste to it. It was brought to Korea from Japan and is quite commonly drunken from a dish along with a meal).


adjummas monks
dewy bowl

(adjummas: Korean for a married woman. Omejacha is tea, actually a tisane from the omeja fruit. It is commonly taken in summer: google images of omijacha


frosty stepping stones
icy wind
chado indoors

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