Monday, March 28, 2011

The Deepest Sea

The Deepest Sea

we drift
like sand upon sea
then, into the deep
we dive,
with the elements of our day
and dream.

This East Sea
is the Pacific
later the Atlantic
reaches all continents.

This East Sea
is rain
falling on mountains
drunken by millions of mothers
swishing around babies
that are being formed.

Our dreams, you see
in that sea
always being formed.

The sea connects us all
forms us
carries us
as when we die

we become all undone as dust
washed by rain
we drift
to become like sand upon sea
into the deep
we further die
to swim with the elements of our days
and dream
in the deepest sea.

-- presented Aug 4 2009 2:10pm Busan Sea/Marine Literature Festival
Written a week before in a taxi coming to LG Metrocity from Busan Immigration.

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  1. Enjoyed this! And, the examples of shijo at the tea blog - two things of which I'm regrettably ill-informed. Thanks for the motivation to learn more.